Eyelash Extensions: Is it Just for Glam?  

There is a lot of misconception around eyelash extension. It has been known to be invested in by people who focus on beauty. However, there is more to glam when investing in your lashes. 

1. Time  

Putting on your usual eyelash can take some time, and if you are a busy body like me who does not have much time to prepare in the morning, it may be time to ditch the glue and invest in eyelash extension instead. Moreover, gone are the days when you try not to get mascara on some parts of your eyes and look like you cried a ton last night.   

2. Beauty  

Yes, beauty! I know I said that these benefits are beyond beauty; however, having confidence in how you look can profoundly affect your day and how others perceive you. If your work is about maintaining the aura you have and influencing people to do the same, then you should have your eyelash extended for a reason. It may seem shallow to some. However, we all know everyone craves beauty in some way or another.   

3. Damage free  

If you think opting for your glue no lashes for your every day means lesser damage on your lashes, then you thought wrong. Did you know that having eyelash extensions provides no harm when it comes to your lashes? Unlike the irritation that often comes from the sticking agent when attaching fake lashes, eyelash extensions are without invasive processes.   

4. Perfect lift and curl  

Are you a fan of curling your lashes and fail to achieve it through the curler in your makeup pouch and some mascara? Well, invest in eyelash extensions now. Having eyelashes that have a perfect lift and curl not only looks nice but will also provide a more awake look. If you are always busy and have very little free time for sleep, but you have to be put together every morning for many meetings, having your lashes fixed through eyelash extensions may do the trick.   

5. Put together  

One of the grandest benefits of eyelash extension is having a put-together image at any time of the day. Have you tried having a terrible day and night with little to no sleep but yet you need to look amazing the day after? Having lashes may not be the full makeup deal; however, the eyes play a big role in how your face looks. Even you have the best glam makeup ever, but your eyes are not making it, you may not get the look you want. Moreover, a good eyelash extension gets you through the day!  

Whatever your reason is for getting an eyelash extension, I think it is a wise decision to make. This is especially important to people who work round the clock and do not have enough time always to fix themselves in front of a mirror. Moreover, even if you don’t have the same reason, you can always get an eyelash extension for self-care!   

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