Hot Tub Moving Company Benefits 

The hot tubs are the bulkiest items and sometimes, one of the most frequently requested items that are asked to move. As a matter of fact, the hot tub stands a big investment and leaving this behind for someone to enjoy would be actually be a disgrace. In addition to that, after a huge move, the hot tub will be an amazing place for you to give in your time unwinding. It’s very essential to note that loading and transporting your hot tub onto the truck is really a no easy task.  

Due to the fact that the hot tub has tremendous weight, the technical skills required to safely disconnect it from the electrical sources as well as drain it, and also, it’s highly sensitivity to bumpy and shaky movements, transporting a hot tub needs careful planning. This is where the professional hot tub company such as comes in which will provide the appropriate planning, muscle, brainpower and preparation in order to make sure the transport of your hot tub to your new place will be proper and safe. The company that you have chosen will provide you with a transport plan and an entire written estimation which takes the complication and uncertainty out of your hot tub transport.  

The first method to a successful transport of your hot tub will need a visit from a moving service crew in order to perform a pre-transport survey. The service crew will come to your current place and to your new home where you would want your hot tub moved. Aside from that, he will answer all your inquiries and recognize vital information about the transport which will aid us prepare the right equipment and manpower to perform the transport of your hot tub. 

During the pre-transport survey, the moving service crew will check the following: 

The Model/Make – The construction of the hot tub may differ greatly, so the service personnel will like to identify the manufacturer or the dealer. Then, he will identify and review the equipment pack which includes the plumbing units, electrical, blower, pump, filters and heater. It will provide the personnel with the ability to recognize and research if the manufacture recommends draining it, packing it in a separate box and removing the entire equipment box. Usually, for some other hot tub models, it is suggested that the whole equipment pack be attached to its shell. Thus, all this information may also be obtained with a call to the dealer or a manufacturer. 

 Current Valuation, Weight and Condition – The personnel will then review the present condition of the hot tub and determine the areas of concern or wear. The weight of your hot tub will also help identify the number of manpower to be used as well as the equipment which may be needed to carry or place your hot tub during delivery and pick up. In addition to that, it is also very essential to note that the company has regulations and cost conditions depending on the weight of the hot tub and the place to where the tub be delivered.  

How to Throw a Party Without Running Out of Drinks? 

It can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing when you throw a party and run out of alcohol. Usually, you want to make sure that your guests are satisfied thoroughly from the time they arrive to the time they leave. Small parties are a lot simpler to estimate since you will probably finish it yourself in a matter of days if one or two bottles of wine do not get consumed. However, what if you’ve got 4 bottles of vodka sitting in your home bar after the party? Chances are you won’t even touch them.  

Before you call an alcohol delivery Mississauga service for your party, here are some things to consider: 

A Bit of Math 

You’ve got to expect that your visitors will have 2 drinks during the 1st hour of your party, and 1 drink per hour after that. That’s the rule of thumb.  

The total number of drinks can be calculated by the estimated number of drinks per guest multiplied by the number of guests.  

After that, you’ve got to consider your guests and what you want to offer. Do you want to serve a full bar for their mixing pleasure? A signature cocktail? Beer and wine only? It is completely up to your budget. You should also consider what your guests will prefer.  


Let’s assume that one serving of beer is equivalent to 1 bottle or 1 can. Depending on the type of party and who is attending, you should order more. For instance, additional beer is vital if it’s an occasion where visitors can grab them easily or if it’s a Super Bowl Party. For bigger events, oftentimes, a keg makes a lot of sense.  


For those who don’t know, a single bottle of Champagne (750 ml) can fill 5 up to 6 champagne glasses. For every 10 guests, you should plan on one extra bottle of champagne if you’re having a Champagne toast.  


A single bottle of wine (750 ml) can fill 4 up to 5 wine glasses. Thus, to come up with the number of bottles you will require, you’ve got to divide the number of wine bottles by 5.  

A simple guess is half a bottle of wine for each individual for a sit-down dinner with wine only.  


You should expect 1 ½ lb. of ice per individual. This will offer enough ice for any ice baths for beer or wine as well as ice for drinks. If you do not have room in the freezer, you can fill coolers with ice. You should conveniently keep them near the bar or drink stations.  


A bottle of alcohol (1 liter) fills around 20 mixed drinks. Simply divide the number of liquor drinks required by 20 to know how many bottles you require.  

You should expect ¼ per liter of juice, soda water, or water for every 3 guests who’ll be drinking liquor to calculate the number of required mixers. Keep in mind that garnishes are quite cheap. Thus, it’s advised to always buy extra.  

Eyelash Extensions: Is it Just for Glam?  

There is a lot of misconception around eyelash extension. It has been known to be invested in by people who focus on beauty. However, there is more to glam when investing in your lashes. 

1. Time  

Putting on your usual eyelash can take some time, and if you are a busy body like me who does not have much time to prepare in the morning, it may be time to ditch the glue and invest in eyelash extension instead. Moreover, gone are the days when you try not to get mascara on some parts of your eyes and look like you cried a ton last night.   

2. Beauty  

Yes, beauty! I know I said that these benefits are beyond beauty; however, having confidence in how you look can profoundly affect your day and how others perceive you. If your work is about maintaining the aura you have and influencing people to do the same, then you should have your eyelash extended for a reason. It may seem shallow to some. However, we all know everyone craves beauty in some way or another.   

3. Damage free  

If you think opting for your glue no lashes for your every day means lesser damage on your lashes, then you thought wrong. Did you know that having eyelash extensions provides no harm when it comes to your lashes? Unlike the irritation that often comes from the sticking agent when attaching fake lashes, eyelash extensions are without invasive processes.   

4. Perfect lift and curl  

Are you a fan of curling your lashes and fail to achieve it through the curler in your makeup pouch and some mascara? Well, invest in eyelash extensions now. Having eyelashes that have a perfect lift and curl not only looks nice but will also provide a more awake look. If you are always busy and have very little free time for sleep, but you have to be put together every morning for many meetings, having your lashes fixed through eyelash extensions may do the trick.   

5. Put together  

One of the grandest benefits of eyelash extension is having a put-together image at any time of the day. Have you tried having a terrible day and night with little to no sleep but yet you need to look amazing the day after? Having lashes may not be the full makeup deal; however, the eyes play a big role in how your face looks. Even you have the best glam makeup ever, but your eyes are not making it, you may not get the look you want. Moreover, a good eyelash extension gets you through the day!  

Whatever your reason is for getting an eyelash extension, I think it is a wise decision to make. This is especially important to people who work round the clock and do not have enough time always to fix themselves in front of a mirror. Moreover, even if you don’t have the same reason, you can always get an eyelash extension for self-care!   

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